Life can bring some extremely tough moments, days, months––even years we’re sure we never signed up for.
When loss feels huge, unfair, complicated or unexpected, it’s easy to find yourself physically and emotionally depleted, and even to fall into post-traumatic stress, with its life and health-damaging effects. But it IS possible to make your way through complex trauma and grief to a state of post-traumatic GROWTH, instead.

I’ve personally have been through several overwhelming experiences of loss and trauma. I’ve experienced the ravaging symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)––AND the wonderful signs of “PTG” (Post Traumatic Growth)––in my body, mind and life.
I’m deeply grateful to have discovered how to move through and recover from challenging times, with a sweet resilience that’s both strong and soft.

With the right mentorship, you can come through a critically vulnerable time without devastating loss of energy and sense of self. Even better, you can transform the “closed door” of loss into a portal to a life that’s physically and mentally healthier, more loving, connected, supported, creative and fulfilled than ever.

My experience mentoring and training countless women from cultures and countries across the globe has confirmed much of what modern science and timeless wisdom traditions, like Ayurveda, keep trying to tell us:
Nature is THE source––of energy, support and renewal.

Nature’s stunning intelligence is revealed by the dynamic forces at play in every living system, including your own mind, body and life.
Knowing how to perceive and practically respond to reality is essential to masterfully navigating through all life’s challenges and stages.

I’m here  to show you how to engage your senses and mind––your precious ‘human technology’––with Nature’s messages, understand what you perceive, then align your actions to nurture stability and recovery from distress, disconnection and dis-ease.
Total renewal––security, health, joy, courage, connection, creativity and fulfillment––shouldn’t wait.

 Every woman and situation is unique. So, before you embrace any tools, program or support, you owe it to yourself to get clear on what’s best for you.

Answer these questions:

> What’s my current state and what direction am I headed?

> What state do I want to be in, and as my process continues––what’s my end goal?

> What’s my best, positively-impactful path forward, now and as my future unfolds?”

When I have time, I love helping women get clarity in the midst of a confusing time. If you can benefit from a private session to get crystal clear on your current state, needs and best path forward, I invite you to look at my call calendar. Find a time we can talk together. Spots are limited––but this call is free!

I offer these times in gratitude for all I’ve been able to overcome, and to help women going through or recovering from the big stuff. (I feel so strongly that women who’ve faced challenge and come through healthy, soft and strong possess a GREATNESS that truly blesses our world.)

If we both feel I can be of further support to you, I may offer you a spot in my energy-restorative and life design immersion––Juicy Revival, or recommend something else that will meet your needs. If I can’t provide what you need for any reason, I’ll do my best to help you identify the resource or service-provider that will make the difference. Either way, once you’re clear, you’ll be ready to take action to protect your stability and foster your revival.

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