Niika Q

Niika Quistgard

Life Affinity Revival & Redesign

“People aren’t looking for the MEANING of Life.
It’s the EXPERIENCE of Life we’re all hungry for.”

––Joseph Campbell, world mythologist

Niika Quistgard is a revival mentor, trainer, speaker and consultant.

Her decades-long background in the study and practice of ancient philosophy and traditional medicine–Ayurveda– underpins her work with people, places and organizations.

Niika’s unique mentorship program for women moving forward after complicated depletion or loss–Juicy Revival–applies a simple, yet powerful method that relies on universal natural principles to attain stability, enjoyment, clarity, and valuable fulfillment.

Niika is the founder of the Vital Revival Institute, dedicated to helping us embrace the value of human technology. When we “come to our senses” we recognize how to care for and rely on our true natural capacities and resources. This is the foundation of making our own lives and organizations–and the lives of others–more stable, functional, balanced enjoyable and fruitful, all in harmony with Nature.

Niika previously founded Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Center for Women in Kerala, India, a residential hospital and training center for women from all over the world, and The Muthashi Project, created to uphold the knowledge and practice of indigenous herbal medicine in South India.

Niika also writes, makes places and photographs, and is the mother of a remarkable son.

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Where one stumbles, there lies the treasure.

– J. Campbell