“No one’s immune from the after-effects of crisis, loss or major life change. My passion is your revival.”

– Niika Q.

Whether you saw it coming, you were hit from out of the blue–or you set the wheels of change in motion yourself and they ran off track…

What was? It’s gone. And here you are.

Feeling shocked? Disoriented? Blind-sided? Of course, you are. The mental and emotional strain are tough.

You’re filled with mixed feelings and uncertainties–and the pressure to make important decisions you’re not clear about yet.

You’re heart-broken and exhausted from disappointment, disillusionment. Plus old wounds, doubts and traumas are more likely to painfully surface now, too–just when you want to be strong.

Depleted? You could be, from doing and giving too much for too long without the kinds of regular replenishment that would’ve better prepared you to meet this moment.

And this moment? It’s critical. Navigated well, a life crisis can positively transform who you are.

Sadly though, many intelligent, gifted and accomplished women find themselves completely at sea when challenging change comes. Because the “can-do,” in-control approach isn’t exactly the right tool for the job when the unthinkable happens.

For women accustomed to success, crisis, loss and radical change can really rock their core. Without the skills, heart and support they need at this high-stakes time, previously confident women can loose their bearings and loose heart, too, falling into years of low energy, regret and confused sense of self.

Suffocated by bitterness or frozen in fear, they can feel ashamed, blaming themselves because they couldn’t make the crisis go away. And they couldn’t see–or seize–their opportunity for growth amid the chaos, either.

Let this not be you!

Niika Q

Niika Quistgard, Founder
Vital Revival Institute

Why should you–valuable and worthy as you are–be left on your own to struggle through without the right support at this pivotal time?

As amazing as you absolutely are, please don’t burden yourself further now by trying to go this alone, without a trustworthy ally and guide, and a path that makes sense for you.

You’ve been through so much. Any urges you may feel to act out of anger and frustration–or slip into the shadows and hide–is certainly understandable.

But the crazy truth is: as hard as it may be–this crucial moment holds more for you, than just a hard time. It can uncover what’s most important to you–and free you to fully bloom in the light!

No one comes through crisis unchanged. But it could be for the good! Embraced with a willing heart, your crisis has the potential to unlock the kind of powerfully-positive transformation you’re actually grateful for!

So, instead of landing in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)–
Why not aim for PTG (Post Traumatic Growth)?

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to have a caring ally walk with you through this time–a guide to help you restore your stability and identify your most strengthening strategy (everyone’s different) going forward, you’re invited to TALK with Niika.

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