Welcome ~

I’m Niika.

I’m an expert on renewing physical and emotional vitality after loss. My specialty is helping women RISE to enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives–now and into the future.

I am not a psychologist or medical doctor—I’m a mentor with more than 25 years experience helping women holistically heal body, mind and life. I’ll guide you to revitalize with Nature’s support, so you can overcome the depleting effects of loss, then step forward onto a new life path energized by your deepest power and essence.

I’ve personally gone through several overwhelming traumatic losses and lived through the life-draining symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), then experienced the wondrous unfolding of “PTG” (Post Traumatic Growth)––in my own body, mind and life. I’m deeply grateful to have discovered how to move forward from life-changing loss with a sweet resilience that’s both strong and soft, and to help women all over the world do this, too.

If you’re ready for a strengthening, humbling, heartwarming–and surprising–personal REVIVAL that GROWS day by day, you’re in the right place.

A free private session with me can help you gain clarity on your current state, your needs, and your best path forward,
CLICK on my call calendar to find a good time if you’re ready. Spots are limited––but if you’re able to book a call, it’s yours for free!

I offer this service in gratitude for all I’ve been able to overcome, and to support women like me who’ve faced “the big stuff,” so you can rise up as your best self, free of doubt, confusion or weariness of spirit.

During your call, if it seems like a perfect fit, I may offer you a place in my personal program, Juicy REVIVAL. And if you need something else, I’ll give you my best recommendation on where to find the resources you need. No matter what, we’ll share some heart-to-heart moments and get to your CLARITY, so you can embrace your path forward with confidence.

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