Niika Quistgard is a Holistic Strategist specializing in Revival and Life Design.

A practical visionary, Niika is known for holding opposing forces together to yield truth, power and beauty.

She maintains that positive experience and impactful outcome are equally vital, potentiating each other. Her study of ancient, timeless wisdom and traditional arts and skills from an early age enlivened her international work in holistic healing and coaching. Her lifelong involvement in sustainable business and design strengthens her strategic, reverse-engineering-style approach to all things, with a focus on fulfilling outcomes.

As a mentor and trainer, Niika guides others in resilience, skills development and creative productivity based on her LARADA – Life Affinity Revival and Design Approach.

As a speaker, she is animated, humorous, inspiring and though-provoking.

Niika is the founder of the Vital Revival Institute.

She offers training for advanced yoga teachers.
A personal immersion for women Juicy Revival.