When loss knocks strong women off balance, they too often lack the compassionate, skillful support they need and deserve––right when critical care is crucial to both their short term resilience and their future fulfillment. While you are beautifully unique, and we each face different kinds of losses, one thing is true: No matter how powerful,  prominent,  strong, smart or experienced––we ALL need people, places and principles we can trust and lean on in times of great challenge and change.

At this pivotal time, I help high-responsibility women revive from the insidious effects of devastating loss–depletion, confusion, shaken self-confidence and more–to enjoy stability, clarity and energy and embark on a new path forward.

When a woman enters Juicy Revival, her first step is to lighten up the pressure on her mind, letting go of pushing herself to “bounce back,” “snap out of it” or “figure things out.”

Then week by week she’s guided through an enjoyable, natural process of discovering how Nature’s already caring for her, and how she can rely on Nature’s ways to calm, nurture, reinvigorate and reactivate her whole system–body, heart, and life.

My work over 40 years–with women from a wide variety of countries and cultures–has shown me the positive power of Nature and Her universal ways to heal, sustain, and radically revitalize.