The truth:
None of us can create a single new thing.


But we CAN use our exquisitely-designed human capacities to take what’s already here–
what we have, what’s been given–and expertly rearrange!

In countless ways, my life’s been rich with Nature’s beauty and teachings.
 But it’s been terribly ‘cursed,’ too, with tragedy, loss and post-traumatic struggle.

In living through it all–every cycle of destruction and revival–I learned (sometimes against my will!) how to relax, embrace humility, trust Life and stay present along the way.

This gave me the stability I needed to start perceiving more clearly.

And ulimately, I discovered how to take action more masterfully, while truly enjoying igniting fresh cycles of life filled with natural beauty, real enjoyment, easy efficiency and genuine prosperity.


Niika Q

Niika Quistgard

I’m grateful now for the many chances Life’s brought to wake up and get oriented in reality to work with “what is” to heal–then design–a better experience and path forward.

I no longer fear, resist or bemoan loss or change, because I know:

The most natural time to fully-realize our creativity is when everything’s fallen into broken pieces at our feet.  This is our perfect moment to forge a fresh future!

It’s what I call healing design