Niika Q

Niika Quistgard

Revival Mentor for Women + Small Business

“People aren’t looking for the MEANING of Life.
It’s the EXPERIENCE of Life we’re all hungry for.”

––Joseph Campbell, scholar of world mythology

No matter what you’ve lost or what you’re facing now,
you possess a deep well of resource––sweet presence and a wordless wisdom––alive inside.

You’re surrounded by natural resources that nourish you, too.

But when your spirit’s tired and dry, so is your life, your work, your relationships, your community and your organization, too.

Where’s the path to rejuvenation and replenishment?
To your total revival? Just look at Nature, and you’ll see.

First, find Solid Ground and dare to let yourself fall All the Way Down. You deserve Stability.

Now, allow your senses to naturally Awaken. Your joy and aliveness will come trickling–then surging–forward.
And your Clarity will emerge.

Soon, a warm Passion will arise in you. No calculating required.
(NO pretending, either.)

Natural Action follows, then Fulfillment is yours.

Instead of wearing out your Mind–which can’t be responsible for everything–stop trying so hard to understand. To “figure” things out.

Instead, you CAN learn to let Life’s vital energy bubble up and up and spill juicy goodness all over you, your life, your people and your place.

You’ll be enlivened by more-than-enough love, joy, creativity and purpose and be transformed into your most valuable, powerful self to make a naturally-positive impact in this world.


Where one stumbles, there lies the treasure.

– J. Campbell