When crisis threatens to knock strong women off balance, they too often lack the compassionate, skillful support they need and deserve––right when critical care is crucial to both short term resilience and future fulfillment.

One thing is true: No matter how powerful,  prominent, strong, smart or experienced you are (and you ARE!)––we ALL need people, places and principles we can trust and lean on to move through great challenge and change.

At this pivotal time, I help high-responsibility women steer away from the insidious effects that can come with sustained, complex crisis or devastating, cumulative loss– depletion, confusion, shaken self-confidence and re-ignited trauma.

Instead, you can discover a deep ease and stability, a simple clarity and a vital wellspring of energy that will allow you to be fully present, engaged and moving forward as life events unfurl before you.

It’s not ALL up to you to “figure things out.”  I am here to guide you through an enjoyable, natural process of uncovering the natural resources present in and around you, and help you relax into simple ways to calm, nurture, nourish and steady your whole system–body, heart, and life – no matter what.

My work with women from many countries and cultures has relied on the positive power of Nature and Her universal ways to heal, sustain, and radically revitalize.

I look forward to connecting with you.