Lost confidence. Lost hope. Lost sense of self, belonging and energy.
SO much disappointment – in others, in life, maybe in yourself.
Whatever happened and however you handled it, you’re here in a new moment now, and there’s NO going back.

All of life moves forward, forward, forward.
You can hide out. You can let someone else decide. You can complain and delay.
But at some point, you can… You will… You MUST move forward!

After devastation, though, it makes no sense to “brush yourself off” and jump back in the game. Partly because the old game board was shredded, right?
Before you launch anew, you need your own personal revival. You deserve to count on and enjoy your own stability and clarity–and some enjoyment of life, too –before you start making consequential decisions about your future, and which direction you truly want to go.

For 40 years, I’ve helped women find personal clarity and courage. Helped women discover built-in natural supports to rely on through life transition and beyond, and how to joyfully tap into an innate authority that just KNOWS  how best to design–and live out–a wonderful new life when the old one’s gone.

I was born fascinated by truth, power and beauty, and how living systems (like you!) function best.

All my life, I’ve studied ancient philosophy, holistic healing, anthropology, deep ecology and design thinking. I’m a well-known expert in the field of Ayurveda – the “Science of Life” and “Sister Science of Yoga,” codified in India more than 3,000 years ago. My work is tuned to striking value of sensory nourishment, and a recognition of our natural resources–including our incredible capacities as humans (no matter what’s happened to us or what we’ve lost)–to co-create beauty, nourishment and fulfillment across the spectrum of life.

My own experiences of loss and complex trauma have made me passionate about helping hundreds of women from all over the world be revived to move forward happier, stronger and more confident than ever before. And excited about living in ways that make our world a happier, healthier place, for all of us, too.

As mentor, coach, trainer and educator, I  always strive to inspire your natural intelligence, curiosity, “joie de vivre” and creative skills to new heights.

If you need a mentor to guide you through Nature’s revival process so you can joyfully move forward in life, I’d love to learn more about YOU…