Niika Q

Niika Quistgard

ERRA Originator, Mentor & Consultant

“People aren’t looking for the MEANING of Life.
It’s the EXPERIENCE of Life we’re all hungry for.”

––Joseph Campbell, world mythologist


Trauma. Entropy. Completion of a cycle. When we fall out of sync with how things “used to be,” it’s time to let the old ways go, halt effort temporarily, and seek restorative revival.

You can build deep strength, discover new resources, and awaken a powerful impetus that will illuminate a new, fulfilling direction forward.

Essential Revival & Redesign Approach (ERRA)–brings a life systems wisdom and design thinking to bear when revival and redirection is vital to a person or organization.

Every person, place, community or organization can be practically thought of as a living system. Globally, we’re entering a new era, asking us all to accept that we can all benefit by engaging in regular revival, and by re-pointing how we invest our attention and energy for far reaching positive-impact and more fulfilling reward.

ERRA is a powerful synthesis of ancient rejuvenation techniques for healing and sustaining vitality––and design thinking––to achieve vital aims, efficiently and enjoyably. This approach develops contextual awareness and intelligence, sensory acuity and conscious, outcome-driven choice-making to solve problems elegantly, and empower people to bring their most passionate, creative participation forward to reach new aims.