Team Revival Retreats

➯ Experience the power and joy of innate sensory intelligence

➯ Develop revival skills to benefit self and team

Discovery-based instruction in a rejuvenating, supportive environment. (Regardless of venue.)

Niika Quistgard approach offers restorative, strengthening and memorable team retreats that uplift each individual, and the team.

Every attendee is guided to sharpen their powers of perception, building self-confidence and increasing creative choice recognition through primary knowledge.

This develops self and team leadership, emphasizing the ability to:

• navigate crisis with optimism and less stress,

• replenish stability, clarity and energy, and–

• re-orient for a fresh cycle of productive life.




Niika makes a point to a group in a corporate retreat
Ayurveda for Yogis • YTT with Niika Q

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Live, Hybrid or Virtual training sessions prepare emerging and advanced teachers to recognize and meet their own and their students’ revival needs effectively, and with a growing sense of mastery.

Discovery-based instruction goes beyond lecture and theory to awaken sensory perception and develop therapeutic choice-making skills, so every student exercises their innate skills to lead and guide revival in times of change.

Natural Aromatic Product

Human Technology

The most powerful and personal way to recognize one’s full array of choices is to practice engaging what Niika calls our “Human Technology” – the senses, memory and inference–in a clear, systematic way.

Discover the power of sensory stimuli to nurture the emotions and achieve desired outcomes through direct, personal experience, building skills and confidence through primary knowledge.


Connective Communication

All communications carry sensory signals. When communications are designed for positive sensory experience, relationships are nurtured, customers are empowered and clear, efficient exchange occurs to move all parties toward a positive outcome.

Learn to communicate uplifting and instructive content effectively, for memorable messaging that transforms.


Herbal Medicine

Natural Resources

Explore the abundant palette of natural forces and sensory qualities you have to work with, in anything you create to share with others.

Amplify the beneficial psychological and physiological effects of your work, to make the most significant, beneficial impact and bring what Niika calls Radiant Results.