Niika Q

Niika Quistgard

Vital Revival Approach (VRA) • Mentor, Designer, Consultant

Niika is known as…
“A practical visionary.”
“A compassionate listener.”
“A strategic revitalizer.”
“A positive FORCE!”


Niika’s Vital Revival Approach (VRA) brings a living systems perspective and design thinking strategies to reviving, resourcing and redirecting people and organizations for far reaching positive impact and greater reward.

VRA develops contextual awareness and intelligence, sensory acuity and conscious, outcome-driven choice-making to solve problems elegantly and empower people to bring their most passionate, creative participation forward to reach new aims.



Founded and Directed Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Center for Women in Kerala, India. This residential hospital specialized in comprehensive restoration for women from countries across the globe while uplifting local communities and providing practitioner education.